New Hat

                                          Update: Contest is now over!

Hey Penguins,

   Club Penguin is thinking about releasing a new hat for further months. Here were the options.

               1. Squid Lid!              2. The Bucket!                 3. Old Boot!    


   So far Squid lid is winning with 75%

   Second place The Bucket with 16%

   Third place Old Boot with 9%

Don’t forget to vote in what’s new!

Hey Penguins,

   The Squid Lid won the hat contest look out for it in June!


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Hey Penguins,

I know I said I would post comics once a week but this one was TOO funny! Look! ↓


   Thats all for now penguins!

Hey Penguins

  Here is another comic!

  Stay tuned penguins.


Hey Penguins,

 Here is another Comic!

New Things

   Hey Penguins,

    I am going to tell u the hints for the recycle hunt.

 1. Coffee Shop

 2. Pet Shop

 3. Cove

 4. Dojo

 5. Book Room

 6. Forest

 7. Ski Village

     Once you finish, you will get a recycle pin! 🙂

Club Penguin Recycle Hunt 2010

  There is a new leaf pin out at the mountain!


   At the mine you can get a free hat. When you dance with it on you will start watering with a watering can. It is available for all players.

    Club Penguin has made a new recycling room. It is located next to the mine.

Earth Day.jpg

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Club Penguin Comics

I will put a new one out each week!

Hello world!

Hello I just started this blog any tips? Anyway this is to help you with club penguin. First of all the new pin is at the dock.  Thats all for now i’ll try to update it tomorrow.

Here are the clothing catalogue cheats!

club penguin april clothing catalog cheats

Red Viking Helmet

Green Face Paint

Cocoa Bunny Costume

Cocoa Bunny Ears

Thank you to

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