Adventure Party


 The Adventure Party started the 18th it will be over on the 27th. Here are some pictures from it!


thank you to for this picture.

For Members…

 You can be captain

Or you can be a pirate

When you get there you can BATTLE!!

Another thing for members is the tree forts.

When you are there you will get a free shirt.

There is also a scavenger hunt!

1. Forest


3.Snow Forts

4. Mermaid Cove

5. Plaza


7.Ski Village

8.Ice Berg

After that you will be able to click build the map. Then you can claim your prize, which is a background.

Afterwards you can go to the cove and dig with your jackhammer on the X.

After a few seconds you will get a bandana.

With all three items this is what you look like…


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