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Hey Penguins, 

    What’s up! I thought it was about time I told you some cheats.  Here they are. 

           How to say numbers on Club Penguin: 

1. Open the safe chat menu in the bottom left.
2. Select games.
3. Select hide and seek.
4. You can choose “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” 

Here is what this looks like: 

Club Penguin Cheats  

Read the Newspaper without logging in: 

You can read the Penguin Times newspaper without logging in to Club Penguin. If you type the URL directly to the SWF file into your browser. It will look like this: 


Just replace the numbers at the end with the correct date for the newspaper. The first four digits (2009) are the year. The next two digits (10) are the month and the last two digits (22) are the day. Replace those digits with the date for the most recent Thursday, which is the day of the week that the newspaper is published. 

How to make puffles walk on walls: 

1. Login to Club Penguin and click on the map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Pet Shop and buy a few puffles.
3. Click on the Home Icon to go to your igloo.
4. Buy a large igloo like the split level one.
5. Wait for the puffles to go to the upper part of the igloo.
6. Buy a small igloo like the basic igloo. 

Here is what this looks like: 

Club Penguin Cheats  

Club Penguin Chat Bubble Cheat: 

1. Log onto any room in Club Penguin.
2. Type any 7-10 letter word in the chat bar. After you type each word, instead of one space, have 3 spaces. here’s what this should look like.
3. Enter the chat bubble. 

Here is what this looks like: 

chat bubble cheat 

Talk with the newspaper

1. Go to the very right, or left of any room.
2. Open up your newspaper, and select the “we need you” button in the top left corner.
3. Select the question box on the submit your content page.
4. Press send when it asks to submit (nothing needs to be written).
5. Go to the main page of the newspaper.
6. Press the Tab button on your keyboard. Type anything in. 

Club Penguin Cheats  

Stand on room pathways: 

1. Click on the pathway.
2. While walking, click on the Penguin Mail envelope.
3. View the Penguin Mail envelope until you have finished walking.
4. Exit the Penguin Mail envelope when finished walking. 

Here is what this will look like. 

Club Penguin Cheats  

Get into Command Room free secret: 

1. Have a friend earn coins on Elite Penguin Force.
2. Upload some to your account on Club Penguin.
3. Go to the Headquarters on Club Penguin.
4. Click on the closet to the right. 

Here is what this will look like. 

Club Penguin Cheats  


How to nub on Club Penguin: 

1. Go to a room where you can walk in the bottom corner (Examples: Cove, Cave, Night Club).
2. Click on one of the bottom corners.
3. Click on the opposite bottom corner.

Here is what this will look like. 

Club Penguin Cheats  

How to remove a penguin’s clothing: 

1. Open the penguin’s player card.
2. Click on your player card.
3. Put on the same body item as the other penguin.
4. Click on the penguin’s player card but don’t X out yours.
5. Click on their items to remove their clothes. 

Club Penguin Cheats  

 Don’t forget to comment your own cheats!

    Thank you to:  http://clubpenguincp.com/club-penguin-cheats                                                    




  1. May 16, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Very interesting post!
    It includes a wealth of information!
    Thank you for sharing 😉

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